A messy rainbow, full of ideas. I find hard to stick just on one path. I'm in love with life. I need to travel, that's my main passion. And create, yes. I wouldn't be able to live without creating things.


Doesn't matter what I am doing, I always find myself holding a camera. I just love beauty, and I can't stop my hands from shooting when I see it. 

food // lifestyle // portrait


Made in Italy.

Based in Sydney.

World citizen.  


In the last couple of years I specialised as a food and lifestyle photographer which is what I work for most of the time. I used to do portraits and fashion back in Italy.

What I prefer the most is travel reportage photography, which honestly, for me it sounds more like fun then like a job as my two biggest passions meet right in here.

I do video contents as well as graphic design works.

I graduated at The European Institute of Design in 2014, in Rome, where I specialised in photography and video. I also attended a course of graphic design at Martin College in Sydney in 2015.

For more details about my work history please download my CV here.

Follow my portfolio on Instagram @portentoso_

If you want to follow a little bit more of my life and my passions, follow me on Instagram (@fede.tramp), where you'll find me planting tomatoes and basil for my homemade salads, painting and making things for my house and a bit of behind the scenes of my photoshoots and life in general!  

Header photo credit Diana Scalfati   |   Right photo credit Jackielyn Powell