Wether you’re a restaurant, a food truck, a chef, a magazine… I am here to create high quality, crisp, polished, colourful and professional images and videos for you to use in your website - social media channels.

I have specialised as a food photographer for the past 4 years, working along with the Sydney’s leaders of the food industry.

Food is one of my greatest passions: observing a chef during the creative process behind a dish, being part of the styling of a plate, smelling, tasting, learning everything about food has always made my happiness reach a next level.

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Wether you are a hotel, an Airbnb host, a magazine, an influencer, a family on holiday or anything else related to travel…

Travelling is overall the most important thing in my life. Travel is what makes my life special.

I took my very first flight when I was only 3 months old, and ever since I hardly sat still in one place without getting sad and bored. Getting to know different cultures and lifestyles is just too interesting for me, its brainfood.

When I travel I love documenting everything through my camera and sharing it with other travel geeks such as myself, along with short stories and tips which I like to share on my Instagram page and blog.

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PORTRAIT & EDITORIAL | photography & video

You may be an actor, a musician or a model who wants to update their portfolio of images and video. You may also be a pregnant woman or just someone who want to stop the moment for a second and capture a lifetime memory in a picture or a video. You may even be someone looking to get some headshots for your personal business.

Well, I am here for you! Ready to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera, welcoming natural expressions, candid or posed shots, leaving you with lots of professional high resolution images for your work or simply your family album or a big print on you home wall.

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